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When I was first asked to think about moving to Malmo, one of the first things I did was to google it. Of course most of the hits I got were in Sweden and I knew I wasn’t called there. There were no Malmo Mission Covenant Church links or places even on Google maps to see where it was.

Over these years we’ve had people working to create an online presence for our church and the broader community. For a while worked fine but as we have worked to communicate better, we’ve been growing out of that space.

With a desire to communicate more with the local church body and having more and more people asking where to find out more about the Malmo church, and now that even google maps has found us on it’s maps, we felt it was time for website 2.0.

Credit for the new site goes to the staff at MMCC, but especially to our Admin person Delora Doell. She has worked tirelessly to learn and create the site and has developed some serious webmaster skills along the way.

We are excited by what this space can help us accomplish for the kingdom of God in our lives. There are some sermons here, and photos, announcements, reminders, calendars, stories, and opportunities to grow, to do mission, to give, to pray and to be prayed for, to volunteer, to grow as a disciple, to attend youth, read a bulletin, see our history, discover our values, learn what a Sunday is like here, …deep breath… and find out why we even meet here and have been doing so for over a hundred years.

And since our eighty and ninety year olds are now getting online, we figured it was time to catch up with them.

So have a look around and check out the things that may help you grow in your faith.

We’ll see you on Sunday.
Pastor Randall



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