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Weekly News-November 17

“My heart has heard you say,
“Come and talk with me.”
And my heart responds, “Lord I am coming.”
Psalm 27:8

Over the past couple of months I’ve been reading David Benner’s trilogy, “The Spiritual Journey”.  There are so many things that I’ve been learning through these books that it would take me days to describe it to you!  But the core of what I’ve been really challenged with is, what it really means to truly surrender to God.  I used to think that surrender was an act of the will – something that I needed to ‘determine’ to do.  But God’s been showing me that it’s not in my own determination that I can accomplish this – in fact it’s impossible to do in my own strength. True surrender can only come as a response, as I spend time with God and experience His ‘Perfect Love’.  As I experience His Love, surrender turns from ‘an act of the will’ to a desire motivated by love – and that just amazes and humbles and awes me.  Everything about our Christian faith is about God’s love.  Everything.  It’s not a rule book or a list of expectations.  It’s a love story about how much God loves me – and how much He loves you.  When we experience that kind of Perfect Love deep down in our soul, even things like ‘surrender’ are possible and make life even sweeter.

Join us tomorrow (Saturday) at 10:00am, as Pastor Marc is presenting the seminar, “Living in a Digital World”.  Are you concerned about how much attention you give your cell phone?  Are you concerned about the time your kids spend in front of screens?  Are you aware that all of these things affect our overall health?  We’ll be discussing these dangers and how to move forward in healthy ways.  This seminar is appropriate for ALL ages, including students Grades 7 & up.  Childcare is available.

On Sunday we’ll be gathering for Sunday School at 9:45am and our Worship Service at 11:00am.

Hope to see you and your family this weekend!


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