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Weekly News – January 12th

Good morning,
It’s been a tough week here at Malmo.  Hard news has come our way.  Heavy news.  Some news is known, but some remains unknown as well…things that discourage us and knock our breath out.  I was praying this morning for you.  Asking God what can I say to encourage you?  To remind you – and myself – not to give up?  Words often feel hollow in times as these, but they can also offer hope.  I believe God lead me to this prayer by Rachel Poolman.  I pray that these words and God’s presence will wash over you today and bring you peace.

Your touch stills me O God
when I breathe in your presence
I exhale your praise

When my heart is at peace
I reflect your love

When my mind is at rest
I inhabit your truth

Remind me of your presence
when I am shouting so loudly
that you cannot be heard

Soothe me with your embrace
when I am battling on every front
and fear seems to be winning

Confront me with your wisdom
when I have lost all perspective
and no longer feel you near

In the fullness of time
help me
forgive me
heal me
change me

Praying for you my friends.  I’ll see you on Sunday.


  1. REPLY
    JoAnn Trimble says

    Sending prayers and get well wished to Pastor Randall. Hope he is soon well and back on his feet in no time.

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