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Weekly News – February 2nd

I saw a most beautiful sunrise yesterday morning as I was driving to church.  The colours were slowly coming alive, almost like unwrapping an unexpected, yet heart-warming gift.  And it was beautiful.  Peaceful.  A very welcome gift to begin the day with.

These days I’m being challenged with something that I heard on the radio this week.  If I was to ask you to finish this sentence…”God is worthy to be ___________ .”, what would you say?  At first thought, I would say “praised” or “worshipped” or “loved”.  But the phrase that I heard this week was…”God is worthy to be TRUSTED.”  He is worthy to be trusted…with ALL of my trust.  Not just when things make sense to me, but even (or especially!) when they don’t.  Can I say with all of my heart, mind and soul, “God I trust you.” – in all things, with no other qualifiers or reasons, just a simple faith that says, “God I trust you.”  Because yes, I believe that He IS worthy of ALL my trust – each and every day that He gives me.

“Those who know your name trust you
because you have not abandoned
any who seek you, Lord.”

Psalm 9:10 (CEB)

It’s a quieter weekend here at Malmo – and I think most of us will gladly embrace that.  Join us on Sunday for Sunday School at 9:45am and for our Worship service at 11:00am.  We’ll be sharing together at the Lord’s table.  A beautiful gift from our Heavenly Father, as we begin this new month.

Peace to you my friends,

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