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Weekly News-March 29

The journey through Lent brings us here – Maundy Thursday – the night of Jesus’ last supper.  A meal that he would share with his beloved disciples, all the while knowing that one of them would betray him, and others would abandon & deny him.  Yet He still served them – washing their feet and serving the meal.  He still loved them, and he submitted to being tortured & suffering a horrendous death for them, even though they didn’t yet understand all that he was doing.  What incredible love.  Betrayed, yet he loved.  Rejected, yet he loved.  Misunderstood, yet he loved.  He didn’t just do this for his disciples.  He did this for me.  He did this for you.  Let this truth sink into the very depths of your soul, as we continue to walk together through this Holy Week.

Come join us tonight, Maundy Thursday, at 7:00pm as we share together around the Lord’s table, with scripture, song and reflection.

On Friday, the journey continues to the cross at 10:00am at New Sweden Mission Church.  We’ll be gathering there with our neighbours as we remember that dark day and all that Jesus willingly went through for us.

Praise God that we don’t have to stay on Good Friday…because Sunday’s a-comin!  On Sunday morning at 11:00am, we will celebrate with Christians all over the world, Jesus’ resurrection and LIFE and the HOPE that it brings for us all.

Can you feel the passion?  And the sorrow?  And the love? All wrapped in the overarching HOPE of this week?  I pray that we all can.  Looking forward to sharing this week with you.


P.S.  We also wanted to mention again the details of Rod’s funeral for you. The Interment service will be held at Malmo on Saturday at 10 am.  The funeral will be held at Calvary Baptist Church in Wetaskiwin on Saturday at 2 pm.

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