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Weekly News-April 20

Tomorrow at 10:00am, we are hosting a seminar entitled “Boundaries”.  Boundaries are personal property lines that define who you are and who you are not, and what you will or won’t allow in your life.  In this seminar we will look at how to respond to the many demands on your time, energy, focus, money and relationships. What does it look like to set limits and still be loving?   This seminar is lead by Pastor Marc & Dixie and is suitable for ages 14 & up.  Childcare is available.  We hope that you’ll be able to join us for this!

We’ve got a couple of special things for you on Sunday.  First, during our morning worship service, we’ll have the Gideons with us, sharing about the excellent work that is happening across Canada and globally.  (If you’d like to financially support them, please make your cheques payable to “The Gideons”.)

Secondly, after the morning worship service, we’ll be having a POTLUCK!  The Pastor’s have been itching to celebrate Spring somehow – so is there a better way to celebrate than gathering together over food & fellowship?!  We think not! 😉  So we hope you’ll stay and join us!  Bring enough food for your family, and a little bit more to share – and we’ll have a great time gathering together after the service.

Looking forward to this weekend.  Hope to see you!

Take care,

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