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Weekly News….. February 22

Tomorrow morning (Saturday), from 10am to Noon, we have our “Loving Your Online Neighbour” seminar.  Join us for a conversation about what it looks like to obey Jesus’ command to love our neighbours in the digital age (on Facebook, website comments, etc.). How should we speak? What should we “share”? Is social media the place for indepth discussion or debate? What relevant wisdom does the Bible contribute?  Child care is provided.

On Saturday evening from 7 to 10pm, there is a Youth Social: Games & Fun Night at Matt & Jeramie-Lee’s home.  Dress for the weather and bring a snack to share.

On Sunday, may I encourage you to use the Church’s front doors?  Why you may ask?  Because the “Malmo Coffee Bar” has found a new home.  It is now located in the front entryway, as you come into the church.  We’ve done this for a couple of reasons…but the most important one is so that our visitors can see it and freely access the coffee and tea – in the ‘spirit of hospitality’ that we have here at Malmo.  For all you regular attenders…thank you for your patience and support, as we’ve been trying some new things and figuring ouy the best location for the Coffee Bar.  

So on Sunday, come in the main entrance doors, hang up your coats, pour yourself a coffee or tea and join us for a wonderful morning of teaching, worship and fellowship.  9:45am Sunday School. 11:00am Worship Service

Enjoy your weekend!

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