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Weekly News… June 9

A reminder to all – for the Sunday’s in June, our Worship service begins at 11:00am.  (Sunday School is now complete for the season, and will resume in the Fall.) . This Sunday we will be sharing together in worship, prayer, scripture and communion too.  

After the morning service, everyone is welcome to come downstairs – not only for coffee, goodies and fellowship – but to also join in the fun of the “Servant Auction”.  The Youth Missions Trip Team is going to Mexico in March 2020, and would love to hire themselves out to raise money for their trip.  Anna Nelson, Avery Nelson, Rachel Nelson, Callah Reid and Matthias Reid are the students that will be participating in this Servant Auction.  (New Sweden will be having a similar Servant Auction for the rest of the team.) . So bring your wallets 😉 and have some fun as we bid for the work of these strong and able youth.  All of your support is so very much appreciated!

Have a great weekend and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL rain!  We are thanking God for it indeed!

Take care,

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