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Weekly News… November 15th

“Church happens when we show up and God gets to move in and through the ways we love and care for one another.”
~Hannah Brencher

This quote is on a sticky, attached to my computer monitor.  I notice it most days when I come and work here in the church office.  It reminds me often, that the most important thing isn’t really what I DO – it’s about me being here – just showing up and being present.  In that willingness to be here, God begins the work, in and around me, that only He can do.

Sometimes I end the Friday emails with “I hope to see you on Sunday because you are missed when you are not here.”  You need to know that’s not just a line or a ‘nicety’ to end the email with.  I truly believe it.  Church happens when the people of God gather together at Malmo. God works through us and in us and His love is seen in ways that couldn’t possibly be experienced if we’re not together.   So let me encourage you again – without guilt or coercion – but with a heart that truly believes that your presence here is important.  And you ARE missed when you aren’t able to be here.  

Thank you for the overwhelming response to Operation Christmas Child this year!  Charlene and the youth put together 50 boxes in the foyer – and they are all gone!  And I know that some of you used your own boxes this year as well!  So THANK YOU for getting involved with this ministry!  And a reminder to please bring your filled boxes to church this Sunday, as we’ll be sending them off to Samaritan’s Purse with our love and prayers.  

I wish you a wonderful weekend and I hope I’ll see you and your family on Sunday – because you are missed when you’re not here.  🙂

Take care,

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