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Weekly News… Dec. 6th

Pastor Randall wrote some words this morning that he shared on his Instagram account.  I asked him if I could share them here with you because I think they just may be what many of us are feeling and going through right now too.  I hope these words encourage you, as they did me…

“It always gets a little crazy around here during Advent. I try to keep up while being a good example of how to live well through the season. Unfortunately I often fail at that, or at least feel like I do. I suppose that means I am human. I can accept that. There is grace even for a tired pastor who can’t keep up some days. There is grace for you too. If you’d like to practice the rhythm of weekly gathering to worship God together this Advent, come and join us Sunday’s at 11am. It can be a great help to us to remember the important over the urgent.”

This reminded me again that we’re not alone in this and it’s okay not to be perfect – but to just keep on encouraging each other and keep pointing each other to Jesus during this Advent season.  The rhythm of life that He is calling us to is possible and Jesus continues to give us enough grace for each day – no matter what that day holds.  Thanks for the encouragement Pastor Randall.

Every year we ask you a question about Malmo.  We compile them all and include your responses in our Annual Report Book.  We love to read your stories and memories and accounts of what God is doing in our midst.  So we’ve decided to continue that tradition with this year’s question…
If you were to describe Malmo, what would you say?
Would you please think about that and respond to this email your answer/thoughts?  I’ll be mentioning it again on Sunday during the announcement time.  We’ll also have paper to fill out, if you prefer to write down your answer.  Thanks for your help with this.  We really appreciate it.

This Sunday is the Second Sunday of Advent.  We’ll be starting the service again with the Children’s Nativity Processional.  If your child would like to be a part of that, please have them meet Jenell in the foyer, right before the service.

Thank you for your generous response in bringing non-perishable food last Sunday.  It was a beautiful sight to see the offerings of food and love given.  We’ll be continuing to do that throughout this season of Advent, as we care for our community.

As Pastor Randall has already invited you, please join us on Sunday at 11am for our Worship Service.  (Sunday School classes begin at 9:45am)

See you Sunday!

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