Fall Time Change

Remember folks!!  Tonight we turn our clocks BACK one hour.  Enjoy your extra hour of sleep & we’ll see you tomorrow morning at church!

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Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

Christmas is right around the corner – and that means as a church, we’ll be participating again in “Operation Christmas Child”.  This is a program, operated by ‘Samaritan’s Purse’, that sends shoeboxes filled with hygiene items, toys, books, etc., to hurting children in countries around the world.

Why should we get involved in this ministry? “Operation Christmas Child provides an opportunity for people of all ages to be involved in a simple, hands-on project of Samaritan’s Purse that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus Christ – God’s greatest gift.” – Samaritans Purse.  That’s the best reason of all.

If you’d like more information about the ‘Operation Christmas Child’ program, or about Samaritans Purse, please click here.


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Feeding the Hungry

We’ve been made aware of an ongoing need in our nearby Maskwacis community.  There are some folks – every day – every week – that don’t have enough food for their table.  This is something that we can help out with.

We’ll be setting up a ‘Food Pantry’, full of non-perishable food, that will be passed on to those who are in need.    (The food will not be distributed directly from Malmo.  We have plans already in place, to give the food to an Elder in the Maskwacis Community, who will then be delivering it to those who have legitimate needs.)

Would YOU be willing to be a part of this new ministry at Malmo?  We are in need of healthy, non-perishable food items.  (ie. peanut butter, pasta, canned soups, etc.)  We’re also looking for solid boxes to put the food in for delivering.  (small apple size boxes like those from Davison Orchards).

Please drop off your food donations in the box in the foyer.

Deuteronomy 15:11 “There will always be some in the land who are poor. That is why I am commanding you to share freely with the poor.”

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Youth Worship & Celebration Night

Last night was our first ‘Worship & Celebration Night’ at youth this year.  Worshipping God is part of learning how to be a disciple of Jesus – and that’s what our main focus is at youth this year.  Sometimes we think of worship as only praising God with music.  That’s part of it – but there’s truly an unlimited number of ways that we can worship our God.  We explored a few of them last night, as we gave the youth options of different ways to worship.  Some chose to sing, some painted posters, some wrote letters or poems, still others sat & listened to the music and the words of the songs.  These are just a few different ways that we can worship & express our adoration to God.  Lawrence (New Sweden Mission Church pastor), also shared his story about how & when Jesus became real to him.  This is a reality for all of us – as we all have to come to the place of deciding who Jesus is to us.

We’re looking forward to our next ‘Worship & Celebration Night’, which will be on December 3rd from 7:30 to 8:30pm, here at Malmo.  Parents, if you’d like to come and join us, we would love to share this evening with you!

Here’s a few of the pictures from last night:

Bert & Vivian - celebrating 65 year together!

Celebrating 70th Birthdays

Celebrating 70th Birthdays

Youth Worship & Celebration

Youth Worship & Celebration

Youth Worship & Celebration

Youth Worship & Celebration

Youth Worship & Celebration

Youth Worship & Celebration


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Pastor Appreciation Month

Did you know that October is Pastor Appreciation Month?  The bible encourages us to appreciate our Pastors & our teachers.  So often, the jobs and tasks that they do, go unnoticed & unappreciated.  1 Timothy 5:17 says:

“The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honour, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.”

Lets be a church that not only appreciates our Pastors, but SHOWS our Pastors how much we appreciate them.  An encouraging word is always important – whether it’s during ‘Pastor Appreciation Month’, or at anytime during the year.

Not sure where to begin?  Both Lifeway Christian Resources & Focus on the Family have some neat and creative ways for us to show our appreciation for our Pastors.  Click on the links below for ideas for all ages.

Pastor Appreciation Ideas, Lifeway Resources

Ideas for All Ages, Lifeway Resources

Clergy Appreciation Ideas, Focus on the Family – Thriving Pastor


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A Thanksgiving Song

Thanksgiving – a time to celebrate with your family & friends.  For the harvest and for the blessings & provisions that God has given – whether you’re a farmer or not – it IS a good thing to give thanks to God in all things.

The following is a hymn written back in 1865.  Take a moment to read the words and really ‘hear’ what they’re saying.  May this hymn be your prayer of thanksgiving this year.

Come, You Thankful People, Come
By: Henry Alford

Come, you thankful people, come;
Raise the song of harvest home.
All is safely gathered in
Ere the winter storms begin.
God, our maker, does provide
For our wants to be supplied.
Come to God’s own temple, come,
Raise the song of harvest home.

All the world is God’s own field,
Fruit unto his praise to yield.
Wheat and tares together sown,
Unto joy or sorrow grown.
First the blade and then the ear,
Then the full corn shall appear.
Lord of harvest, grant that we
Wholesome grain and pure may be.

For the Lord our God shall come
And shall take his harvest home,
From his field shall in that day
All offenses purge away.
Give his angels charge at last
In the fire the tares to cast
But the fruitful ears to store
In his garner evermore.

Even so, Lord quickly come
To your final harvest home.
Gather all your people in,
Free from sorrow, free from sin,
There, forever purified,
In your garner to abide.
Come, with all your angels, come,
Raise the glorious harvest home.

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Refreshment after a busy week

It’s been a busy week here in the office.  For you too?  Are you busy in the fields?  Or busy homeschooling your kids?   Or involved in a big project at work that is taking all of your time & energy?  Or been fighting the many sicknesses that have been going around? Or – or – or…there’s just countless things to do in a week, isn’t there?  However your week as gone, let me encourage you that Sunday – our Sabbath –  is coming.  Exodus 20:11 says, “For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.”

This Sunday (our Sabbath) we’ll be worshipping and sharing in Holy Communion together…coming to God with our busyness & our tiredness & hopefully with a ready heart to hear what God is saying.  Would you take some time to read and reflect on this prayer, as you prepare for the upcoming Sabbath & Holy Communion?

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Looking for a new devotional book?

Looking for a new personal devotional resource? Take a look at the ‘Covenant Home Altar’. This devotional guide is written by Covenanters, based on Scripture and seeks to relate biblical truth to everyday experiences. The October-December quarter is now available in the black cubbies, under your mailboxes. Pick up your copy at church on Sunday.

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CBC Legacy Scholarship

Do you have a youth that is enrolled in post-secondary theological, biblical or discipleship programs?  If so, scholarships are available for them, through the ‘CBC Legacy Scholarship’ fund.  The deadline to apply for this year is December 9th.  Click here for more information.

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Praying for our Future Building Needs

As you pray about the future building needs of Malmo, here are some places to start. These can help give us words and reminders to pray.

  • Pray that God would clearly lead us in this decision.
  • Pray that God stirs in each of us to participate and to do our part in the decision making process.
  • Pray that we might have a holy indifference so that the direction God leads us in doesn’t matter so much to us. Only that He leads us.
  • Pray for unity in the spirit here at Malmo.
  • New or old building, pray that God would give us a useful facility for the next generations.
  • Ask the Lord to help us hear his heartbeat for our future.
  • Pray that we might be strong and courageous in our faith.
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