Malmo News

Pictures & News of our Ecuador Team

Our Ecuador Missions team is currently in Cayambe, Ecuador.  They are working with the ‘Santiago Partnership’, building a home for at-risk children.  We have 13 of our own people down there, along with a few others from across our Canadian Conference.

The Santiago Partnership has set up a Facebook page, which anyone can access.  Click on the link below, for the latest news and pictures from our team.

Santiago Partnership

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The Lenten Reader

The Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada has once again published the Lenten Reader for us to use & enjoy during the lenten season.    This mini-book is a compilation of reflections on Scripture for the season of Lent, written by different members from across our Canadian conference.  This year lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 18th and continues until Holy Saturday, April 4th.

We have some printed copies available for you on the Malmo Information Table in the foyer, or you if prefer to have a digital copy, click on the link below.


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Healing Today

You know the church’s history of praying for healing for people has been a bit of a come and go thing over the past 2000 years. There are seasons where we practice it well and then there are seasons of quiet. We see seasons of incredible miracles and then we see nothing for a hundred or so years. While that may be a part of our past story, there is biblical reason to believe that it can be a helpful part of our ministries today, if we will have the courage to try.

I think some of us are generally afraid of the whole topic, so we end up saying that those sorts of things were for the early days of the church and are not for today.
I also think that we see the things we have simple faith to see.

During the past two weeks we tackled the difficult topic of Healing in the church and we explored some reasons why we may not see the answers we are looking for. It’s certainly not the definitive piece on healing, but it’s a good place to start looking at these things and perhaps to be challenged about our own thinking on it.

Part One: Praying for healing, an Overview

Part Two: What Happens When We’re Not Healed?


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Youth Ministry Workers

You’ve heard about all the youth that are coming out on Wednesday nights for our youth gathering. But did you know that there are a lot of adults working with our youth and behind the scenes for our youth?  We’ve just recently compiled a list and we were amazed & truly thankful to God for answering our prayer to provide workers for this ministry.  As you take a look at this list, please be praying for these leaders – whether they work behind the scenes or are on-site engaging with our youth.  Your prayers are needed and appreciated!!

Youth Night & Small Group Leaders
David L.
Marlies L.
Pastor Lawrence
Rod H.
Rae-Lee S.
Charlene T.
Pastor Marc

Youth Planning Committee
Pastor Marc
Charlene T.
Keith N.
Delora D.

Small Group Leaders Substitutes
Tamara R.
Dean N.
Keith N.

Meal Coordinators
Jenell P.
Sonia N.

Youth Socials Coordinator
Jeramie-Lee N.

Youth Worship Night
Marc & Dixie V.
Pastor Lawrence
Darryl & Delora D.
Keith N.
Stef K.
Mike T.

Parents Prayer Facilitators & Hosts
Pattie P.
Marcia S.
Pastor Randall & Lauralea

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Praying for the sick

Last Sunday we talked about faith and how it gets tough to keep praying especially when we have had a few “No” answers from God.

Well, some of you have started to ask some good deeper questions, the sorts of things we’ve talked about before, but maybe it’s time to revisit some of those themes. So the next two Sundays we will explore a bit about prayer and God and healing and the role of the church in that stuff. This first Sunday will be more of an overview on the topic, but next Sunday I want to focus in on what is happening when we pray and we are not seeing the answers we are praying for. There seem to be about six biblical reasons that could explain why we are not healed.

So come and join us the next two Sundays and I trust you can find some answers for your questions, and guidelines on how to pray for those struggling with health problems.


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Christmas week readings and 2015 devotional resources

Below is a reading plan for Christmas week for families or individuals. Take some time to reflect on the Christmas story this week.

Read the passage and encourage your kids to make observations (e.g. “did you notice anything new?”) or ask questions about the story. If they stump you with a question, it’s okay to say, “Good question! I don’t know.” You don’t have to have all the answers. Ask them some questions, too.

Monday: Luke 1:1-25 – The birth of John the Baptist foretold
Tuesday: Luke 1:57-80 – The birth of John the Baptist
Wednesday (Christmas Eve—you could spread these reading out over the course of the day or read one at each meal):
Matthew 1:18-24 – Joseph’s story
Luke 1:26-38 – Mary’s story
Luke 1:39-55 – Mary and Elizabeth
Thursday (Christmas Day): Luke 2:1-21 – Birth of Jesus
Friday: Matthew 2:1-12 – The visit of the Magi.
Saturday: Matthew 2:13-17 – Escape to Egypt

Looking for some devotional resources for 2015? Here are some options:

The Covenant Home Altar – This is our denomination’s quarterly daily devotional book. We have some copies available on the Malmo table in the foyer and the copies for the new year should be here soon.

Our Daily Bread – Another quarterly daily devotional. You can read it online every day at or you can order the quarterly booklet from the same website.

YouVersion – the YouVersion Bible app for smartphones has many daily reading and devotional plans available (including Our Daily Bread). Get the app here:

The Revised Common Lectionary – A weekly Bible-reading guide used by millions of Christians and churches around the world (including Malmo!). Visit

For a variety of other Bible reading plans, visit or


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The Messenger

Are you looking for something new to read? Take a look at ‘The Messenger’. This is a bi-yearly publication that our Canada Conference publishes. It’s a brightly coloured & fully digital magazine that you can access on your computer, or iPad or smart phone – from anywhere! It’s full of interesting articles & thoughts – all written by some of our own Covenant people, from across Canada. Click on the link below to take a look at it & enjoy!

The Messenger Fall 2014

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The Construction has begun…

When you walk into the front entrance of our church, you’ll immediately notice that something’s amiss!  The construction and renovation work to install the new lift has begun.  The ramp going from the front entry doors, up into the main foyer have been removed, to make room for the new accessible lift, that will be able to deliver folks to all three levels that we have in the church.  We are excited to move forward with this project!

As with all renovation projects, there are unforeseen circumstances and delays that inevitably occur.  One that we have just been notified of, is that the lift will not arrive until the New Year.  We thank you in advance for your patience as we wait for the lift to arrive, and to complete the work needed.  In the meantime, we’ve done our best to keep things safe for you, but we need your help as well (especially with young curious children) – to stay clear of the construction area.

Thanks for your patience & your prayers & in your involvement as we move ahead with this.

Here’s a few pictures of the construction:

Construction for the Lift

Construction for the Lift

Construction for the Lift

Construction for the Lift

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Parents Praying for Our Youth

We are excited about sharing an opportunity to gather together and pray for our youth and youth program. You are invited to come out once per month (the first Wednesday of the month) for a simple soup meal followed by prayer and fellowship. This will happen at Randall and Lauralea’s house (the parsonage next to the church), so those of you who are dropping off youth can just walk over and settle in for an evening together.

We are starting on December 3 from 6:00-8:30pm (the same time as our youth program). The rest of the dates are: Jan 7, Feb 4, March 4, April 1, May 6, and June 3.

We are very excited about intentionally lifting up our youth to the Lord in prayer as a community of parents and possibly grandparents and adults friends as well (who are welcomed wholeheartedly). It is not an easy world to grow up in; we desire to focus time and attention to prayer of this nature.

Please contact the church if you have any questions.

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Gathering to prepare for Advent.

We live by several calendars. There’s the regular calendar, based on our movement around the sun and the phases of the moon. There are a variety of sports calendars: whenever the hockey or football season starts. There’s the school calendar, running from September to June. There’s the holiday calendar: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, summer holidays. Our lives are shaped by these calendars; we make plans around them and in both large and small ways, they shape who we are.

There’s another calendar that we don’t often think about: the calendar of the church. The church has historically had its own rhythms based on God’s time: rhythms of rest and activity, of fasting and feasting, and always of reflection on the story of God’s work in the world and in our lives. It can be difficult to reconcile the church calendar with all the other calendars that draw our attention.

Advent is just around the corner. It’s the start of the new year for the church and a chance to start again, to reorient ourselves towards God’s time. But the Christmas rush is around the corner, too: school programs, parties, shopping, and all the other busy-ness of the season. Every year I intend to make Advent a quieter time of reflection, of slowing down, of focusing on what the season is really about, and every year I still get caught up in the seasonal rush. It’s probably the same for you.

Why not start this year’s Advent with your heart and mind focused on the coming of Jesus? Join us on Saturday, November 29, as we explore what it means to wait in expectation for Jesus, who will bring in God’s Kingdom, where God’s time will forever be our time as well. There will be eating, group activities, and reflection on Advent scripture readings.

We’re gathering on Saturday, November 29, from 11:30 to about 2:00 at Malmo. A catered lunch will be served. Come expecting fellowship, fun, and to have your heart focused on the coming of Jesus. If you’d like to join us, let us know on Sunday (so we know approximate numbers for the caterer).

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