Life During Covid-19

Life During Covid-19

Daily Prayers – June 3, 2020

So much mystery has been taken out of the world these years. Perhaps it’s time to allow some mystery back into our lives. Living with mystery. The teacher tells us how he deals with it and encourages us to do the same.        


I forgot to post this earlier this morning. In case you missed it in the online service, here is a video for kids and adults alike for Pentecost:  

Daily Prayers – May 27, 2020

Our Daily Prayers for May 27, 2020Today, balance in following Jesus, where is justice in todays world, and who is going to be your teacher, your comfort.   Join us for our daily prayers.    

Daily Prayers – May 26, 2020

“Remember that nothing is certain in this life”Are the words that the writer of Ecclesiastes tells to us today.  And they are words that are especially fitting for these days. There are big things happening in the world these days and in it all you are not forgotten. God knows your challenges. Join us for these moments as we read a few verses together, pray together, and go off into our day.    

Daily Prayers – May 25, 2020

Our Daily Prayers for Monday. Lots of wisdom from Solomon today, you will more than likely hear something that fits you today. Join us for the beginning of this week, in prayers.