Daily Prayers – May 19, 2020

Daily Prayers – May 19, 2020

Just one small verse left to complete the chapter. Yet so full of meaning.

Also note, its not good when the preacher yawns while he’s talking. Not good at all.
I apologise for that. 😉





  1. Edie Johnson

    Thank you Randall for the Devotions, I feel so humbled by the words that you speak and the constant reminder that God loves me. I am always a day behind but I don’t think that it matters. I am hoping that you will leave these devotions on the website so that I can go back and listen again and again. Sometimes I need reminders and extra time to process the words. Thank you for helping us to draw nearer to God.

    • Pastor Randall Author

      Thank you Edie. The plan is to leave them here for that very reason. It is fine that you are a day behind. I know that some use them at night or the next day so that’s fine. God is God and not held by time. 🙂 I find them enjoyable to do and an encouragement for me as well. Thank you for the encouragement. It will be good to be with you in person again one day.

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