Daily Prayers – May 21, 2020 Ascension Day

Daily Prayers – May 21, 2020 Ascension Day

Today is Ascension and so we take a small detour from Ecclesiastes to remember and celebrate the day Christ ascended into heaven.  His gift to us effects us even through to this very day in this rainy field here.

So come and celebrate with us.

Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen, Christ Will Come Again!





  1. Alecia Stevens

    What a blessing this morning to hear this message. Thank you, Randall, for doing what you are doing. In this time when we all are feeling the uncertainty of the world…you are bringing the certainty of our future together with Christ. I am uplifted today by your message of the Hope we have in Him. Thank you. ♥️

    • Pastor Randall Author

      Hi Alecia. Thank you for your encouragement today. The words of the Father always “…bring life to those who find them.”
      I hope you’re doing alright these days, hang in there. May God be close.

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