There’s a number of ways that you can volunteer at Malmo.

      1. Fellowship Coffee Hostessing – After the worship services on Sundays, we gather downstairs for fellowship.  A time to visit & enjoy some coffee & goodies together.  Currently, 2 families are on each Sunday, both providing & serving the goodies.  If you would like to volunteer to be one of our coffee hostesses, please email Delora at   To see the current schedule of hostesses, please click here.

      2. Wednesday Night Youth Suppers at church – Every Wednesday night we have between 30 – 45 youth, from all over our community, coming to Malmo for an evening of food, fellowship, activity and bible study.  Our evening begins at 6:00pm, as we share conversation & fellowship over a supper meal.  We have had a variety of different meals and ALL are enjoyed and appreciated by our youth & volunteers.  We also encourage our volunteers to ‘partner up’ with someone in cooking the meal.  This not only lightens the load, but it’s always more enjoyable serving alongside someone else.  If you would like to volunteer to make a supper meal, please email Delora at, and she will forward your name to our ‘youth meals coordinator’.  To see the current schedule of youth cooks, please click here.

      3. Other ways – If you see a need or situation that you can volunteer for, please contact the office at