Preparation for and cleaning up after fellowship events are opportunities for serving one another.  The Bible tells us that some have gifts of service and helps, however we all can learn through the humble act of service. 

Instead of structured service groups, we will create room for people to serve when kitchen duties are required.  So on a day when preparation and clean up is needed, if you would like to serve, slip out during the closing song and help prepare the kitchen, and/or after the meal help with clean up.

Serving the body of Christ is not limited by gender or age, so anyone can participate in this act of caring service.

Things needing to be done:


  • Dishes, cutlery & napkins are ready to use
  • Food is set out with appropriate serving utensils
  • Beverages are made (coffee, juice, & hot water for tea)

Clean up:

  • Washing church dishes, cutlery & serving utensils
  • Tables and counters are clean
  • Overall kitchen tidiness