Thanks to everyone for your part in our worship service.  If a date does not work for you, please reschedule with someone else on the list and pass that information onto the office and to that Sunday’s worship leader.

Date Leader Pianist Audio/Visual
September 16 Christy Heidi Darryl/Delora
September 23 Marc Kenzie Stef/Mike
September 30 Lois Lois Stef/Mike
October 7 – Communion & Thanksgiving Sunday Marc Eunice Darryl/Delora
October 14 Dixie Acoustic Keith/Matthias
October 21 Heather Christy Keith/Matthias
October 28 Alli Kenzie Darryl/Delora
November 4 – Communion Christy Heidi Stef/Mike
November 11 Dixie Eunice Keith/Matthias
November 18 Alli Kenzie Darryl/Delora
November 25 Lois Lois Stef/Mike
December 2 – Communion & 1st Sunday of Advent Heather Heidi Keith/Matthias
December 9 – 2nd Sunday of Advent Jenell Lois Darryl/Delora
December 16 – 3rd Sunday of Advent Marc Acoustic Stef/Mike
December 23 – 4th Sunday of Advent Dixie Eunice Keith/Matthias
December 30 Lois Lois Stef/Mike
January 6, 2019 – Communion Marc Heidi Darryl/Delora