Another year gone by!

Last Wednesday Malmo Community Youth Group had their year-end party, which included a wiener roast, a water fight, and a giant slip-n’-slide. God answered prayer: at 4:00 it was overcast and cool, by 5:15 there were barely any clouds in the sky and the sun was shining warm and bright. We have a lot of fun at this party every year, and as leaders we had conflicted feelings of both sadness and relief!

Thanks to our youth for making this a fun year! We wish you all the best through the summer. Remember: be a neighbour!

It was another good year for our youth ministry. We had an average of 36 youth on Wednesdays (sometimes breaking 40, other weeks not breaking 30), from all over the place and various stages of faith. This last bit—various stages of faith—has been both exciting and challenging for the leadership. How do we challenge the youth more mature in the faith but also encourage those at early stages to go deeper? This, it seems, is the eternal challenge of youth ministry.

As I was preparing for our last evening together, I did some rough calculating about how many people were in one way or another involved in this ministry, and the number is impressive:

Leaders present on an average youth night: 8
Substitute leaders on call: 3
Leadership/planning committee: 4
Other “unseen” ministries: 7
Number of unique cooks throughout the year: 39

There is some overlap between the different categories, but that’s 61 different roles involved in our youth ministry, and this doesn’t include everyone who helped with socials and all of you who prayed for the youth ministry throughout the week and especially when the call went out on Facebook on Wednesday nights! This tells me that we have a community behind this ministry in many different ways, and we are grateful.

Of course, numbers aren’t everything. A gathering of 5 youth with a leader would be an equally valuable ministry. The numbers speak mostly of support.

So, thank you to each of you for a great year and for your support. Please continue to pray for our ministry as we say goodbye to some of our leaders and discern new leadership as well as what’s next for this ministry.

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Parents Praying for Our Youth

We are excited about sharing an opportunity to gather together and pray for our youth and youth program. You are invited to come out once per month (the first Wednesday of the month) for a simple soup meal followed by prayer and fellowship. This will happen at Randall and Lauralea’s house (the parsonage next to the church), so those of you who are dropping off youth can just walk over and settle in for an evening together.

We are starting on December 3 from 6:00-8:30pm (the same time as our youth program). The rest of the dates are: Jan 7, Feb 4, March 4, April 1, May 6, and June 3.

We are very excited about intentionally lifting up our youth to the Lord in prayer as a community of parents and possibly grandparents and adults friends as well (who are welcomed wholeheartedly). It is not an easy world to grow up in; we desire to focus time and attention to prayer of this nature.

Please contact the church if you have any questions.

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