I am an ordained Reverend but Jesus said don’t put a lot of stock in titles, which is just fine with me.
By description, I’m a shepherd, a spiritual guide or pastor. 6’ 2” and married to the 4′ 11″ Lauralea, father of four kids all over 5′. I’m a father-in-law to one, and papa to two beautiful little granddaughters.
I’m learning to live life, to write and to take pictures. Loving tea with mint, coke and eggnog, pizza, British comedy, and all kinds of music. I’m an Amateur Radio nerd, VE6VOR, and for the last six years we’ve lived in a field in Alberta, Canada.

It sounds cliché but I care. 

I care about people. Regular people with their good days and bad days who are just trying to live out their lives and make some sense of it all while they journey the seasons of life.

I care for people by walking alongside them, listening to them, praying for them, and when opportunity arises, I speak into their lives where I see God moving. I serve them by bearing witness that God does indeed love them and is at work in their lives.

I care that the spiritually struggling can find hope in God, and that his work in their lives through Jesus the Christ will make their old things new, and their dead things come back to life.

It may be a cliché, but I care.
If I can help care for you on your journey, please contact me and tell me how I can help.
If you don’t know the answer to that question, then contact me and tell me that. Then I can pray for you.

Be brave.
This one shot at life that you’ve been given is too precious to waste.