Weekend News

Weekend News

Happy Friday!

We were doing the ‘happy dance’ in our house this morning because it’s Friday today! For some reason, this week has felt ‘heavy’ and full, and we are ready to have a weekend!

How about you? How’s your week been? Busy? Quiet? Fun? Need a vacation? Well, I can’t offer you a vacation, but I CAN offer you a place to come to meet GOD with other believers in fellowship & prayer – bringing all your ‘stuff’ – whatever that may be – to our GOD who IS big enough to handle it all. And that’s on Sunday morning at 11:00am, here at Malmo.

We have a unique worship service planned for you. We’ll be singing and telling the stories of the old songs of our history. Pastor Randall will be sharing about the ‘Language of Worship’. And Jon Drebert from Covenant Bay Bible Camp will also be with us, sharing about the life at camp. (We’ll be giving you an opportunity to financially support the camp, during the offering time. If you so desire, please make your cheques payable to ‘CBBC’.)

So I hope you make plans to join us on Sunday, because you are MISSED when you’re not here!

Weekend News


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