Posts from April 2020

Posts from April 2020

Daily Prayers – April 28, 2020

Good Morning, welcome to our daily prayers.It’s Tuesday today and the guys met to pray early this morning. There is much to pray for. But there is also much to be thankful for and todays reading reminds us of that. We are loved of God, His greatest creation. Be blessed today.      

Children and Anxiety

Here’s a short video showing you the additional resources on the website I mentioned in my children’s video last Sunday ( You can find 15 different colouring pages for various different essential workers in this season which you or your children can colour and send to someone they know to express their gratitude or as you colour you could pray for people in that grouping that come to mind. Additionally, that website provides free access to a children’s book about…

Daily Prayers – A Time To Grieve

The writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us that even as there is a time to celebrate and be glad, there is also a time for us to grieve loss. This may be the time we are in now, even though we may not be able to identify it in that way. And just because our losses may not be as great as another’s, that doesn’t mean they are not justified or reasonable for us. They are our heart, they are legitimate.…