A Sunday at Malmo

A Sunday at Malmo

Well, welcome to Malmo.

When I first saw this place God seemed to be calling us to, my first question was, “Where do the people come from, it’s in a field?”
I was quick to learn that people come from all over this community, from farms and towns, to worship together and to be the people of God who meet here at Malmo Mission Covenant Church.

You can tell by the drive here that we are a rural church and that really shapes who we are. We worship with many ages of people and no matter your age, you really help make up the church that is here today. No the elderly aren’t the past church and the kids aren’t the church of the future, we all together make up the church here today.

So our worship is blended. Children are welcome in worship just as are elderly and middle aged guys like me. If the little ones run out of patience, there is a space downstairs for mom or dad to take them so they can play and their parents can watch what’s happening upstairs on a TV.

We sing together and read the bible together, and an important part of each Sunday is that we pray together for the needs in the community. We sometimes get the kids to help with the music or have a prayer time with them in the service. On the first Sunday of the month we share together in Holy Communion. Each Sunday we’ll have some preaching and then after the service, everyone is welcomed downstairs for coffee or juice and some snacks and some connection time. Partly because of who we are and partly because some people travel a distance to get here, the fellowship time is really important to us.

Most people dress casually and are welcoming, and the service can be fairly relaxed.
We’d like you to feel at home here so you’re welcome to check us out and see if Malmo is a place your spirit can be at peace and you can connect with God here.

Look at the rest of this website to discover more of who we are, and if you have any questions please feel free to call us at 780-352-2721 or send us an email to office@malmochurch.ca

Take care and God bless
Pastor Randall