Who We Are

Who We Are

Who we are at Malmo

We are a pretty eclectic bunch of people who worship God in this field.

We seem to be good at celebrations and eating together, which was always one of Jesus priorities. We work hard at being a multigenerational community, at praying together and learning together. We step up when someone has trouble and we give when there is a need.

Some of us farm, sell houses, work for the government, teach, create networks, sell things, are retired, build buildings, drive trucks, purify water, go to school, and on and on. Some of us are from town and some from the country. Some like gospel music and some like the contemporary worship stuff.

We are all different, but each week we have it on our calendar to drive out here to gather and worship the living God together.

You’ll find a bit more information about who we are in the links below.

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