And…..We’re BACK!!!

And…..We’re BACK!!!

This past Wednesday night was A-BUZZ with activity and energy as 47 youth and 8 leaders gathered in the Malmo church basement, for the Kick-off of the Wednesday Night Youth Program!  We have renamed our group, the ‘Malmo Community Youth Group’, because we truly do have kids from all over our community – rural and urban – coming to youth.  We had a fantastic evening of ‘celebratory food’ (pizza, chips, pop & ice cream), get-to-know-you games & garbage ball.  We then finished the evening with a devotional to talk about why we gather and what the focus of our year will be.  This year we’ll be concentrating on ‘What it means to be a Disciple of Jesus’, and how to live out that reality in our every day lives.

So, thank you for your prayers!  Thank you to all who are volunteering in some way with our program!  Thank you for your support as we begin another year of youth ministry!  We are really excited & looking forward to what God has in store…for ALL of us!

Youth Night Sept 10,2014


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