Beautiful day to reflect

Beautiful day to reflect

Clary Nelson passed away last winter and the family decided to wait until the weather was warmer to hold a committal service. Well today we gathered to commit her remains to the earth from which it came.

My view from work today

What a glorious day it was too. Warm, not too hot out. The sky was big and blue, and the expanse of the earth held so many variations of green. It was impressive.

I spent the morning reflecting on Clary’s story and how quickly it seems to go past. And then people like me remain to prepare words that touch on the unique strengths of Clary’s life.

My view from work today

For her it wasn’t difficult, even though I didn’t really know her before her illness. Her family and friends kept repeating the same sorts of themes they saw in her life. And I wondered what themes would keep being repeated once my life was over.

Flowers for Clary

How about you? What will people keep saying about you when you are gone?


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