Watch For the Light

Using a book and a song, Pastor Marc reflects on how we might start watching for light in the world, rather than focussing on the darkness we see easily and often.

New Friends from Sweden

In August 2014, we were contacted by a man named Stig from Sweden, who was researching his family history.  (He found us through our website!)  He was looking for the burial place of a number of his ancestors who possibly could have lived in the Malmo community, in the early 1900’s.  After looking through our church records and going through our cemetery, we indeed did find a number of his relatives that were former members at Malmo, and buried in…

Praying for the sick

Last Sunday we talked about faith and how it gets tough to keep praying especially when we have had a few “No” answers from God. Well, some of you have started to ask some good deeper questions, the sorts of things we’ve talked about before, but maybe it’s time to revisit some of those themes. So the next two Sundays we will explore a bit about prayer and God and healing and the role of the church in that stuff.…

Robin Williams, is dead.

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS Las Vegas/AP) — He was the funniest guy in the room, something that made it all the harder for friends and fans to accept that beneath that reservoir of frenetic energy and seemingly endless good humor resided demons so dark they could push Robin Williams to suicide. It was no secret that the Oscar-winning actor had suffered for years from periodic bouts of substance abuse and depression — he made reference to it himself in his comedy…