Giving Your Worries to God

Last Sunday’s discipleship moment: a reminder about a practice to help you give your worry to God and an invitation to read the prophets and Revelation not for solving a puzzle but to hear God’s encouragement and invitation to you in this season.

Sunday School Update

Our Christian Education Board has an update for you: As the summer progresses into fall, we are all grappling with the pandemic related transitions that lie ahead.   Here is an update on Sunday School plans for the fall.  The CE has chosen to leave Sunday School “on hold” for the time being.  This allows for Malmo to adjust to holding services inside the building once again and also for the transition of “back to school” to settle in.  …

Many ProtestantS to the ECC

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #15 In this last video in this series, we briefly look at the development of the Protestant church from the Reformation to the modern day and how the Evangelical Covenant Church came to be. This was the last video in this series!

The Radical Reformation & Other Developments

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #14 Once you start reforming there’s no reason for other people not to reform your reforms! Today we look briefly at the Radical Reformation, which is the origin of the Mennonites, Hutterites, and some free churches and baptists. Tomorrow: the last video in the series: many Protestants to the Evangelical Covenant Church.


Church History in 3-Minute Bites #13 Martin Luther wasn’t the first to look for correction and renewal in the Roman Catholic Church, but the timing was right when he came around. Today: The Reformation. Tomorrow: The Radical Reformation and other developments.

The “Fuzzy” Years

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #12 Unless you have dug deeper into church history, the 500 years between the Great Schism of 1054 and the Reformation beginning in 1517 will be unfamiliar, fuzzy, unclear. Much good and bad happened in that time, though we won’t have time to explore it in much depth. Today you get a quick overview. Tomorrow: The Reformation.

The Great Schism

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #11 Today we look at the formal split between the Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Roman Catholic Churches). Tomorrow: The Fuzzy Years… 500 years of good and bad leading up to Reformation.


Church History in 3-Minute Bites #10 This video looks at the development of Creeds, which are confessed by all branches of the church—Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant. Monday: The Great Schism. The year 1054 marks the divide between the Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Roman Catholic) churches.

The Church Fathers

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #9 Today we briefly look at the Church Fathers (on the available record it was all men) who helped clarify church theology and doctrine for centuries. The writings of the Church Fathers have shaped the church to this day. Your faith is influenced by them without even knowing it! Many of their writings are read and studied to this day. Tomorrow: the Creeds, those great summaries of the Christian faith that have been confessed in…

Some Misguided Ideas

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #8 In this video we explore some of the new ideas, which were inconsistent with what the church had always taught and confessed, helped further clarify the church’s belief and doctrine by helping it think more deeply in response. Many of these ideas keep resurfacing in one form or another to this day. Tomorrow: we very briefly look at the Church Fathers, the men (yes, on record it’s only men) who helped clarify the ideas…

Asking Important Questions

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #7 In today’s video we look at how church theology and doctrine began to be clarified through the church’s encounter with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Tomorrow: Some Misguided Ideas. Further adventures in the clarification of church belief in the face of some ideas that didn’t fit scripture or the apostles’ teaching.

We Worship a Person, Not a Book

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #6 As a follow-up to the development of the New Testament, today we are reminded that the church survived and thrived by the power of the Holy Spirit among its people, even though nobody had their own personal copy of the Bible! Christian life and teaching was truly communal! Tomorrow: the church starts asking deeper and very important questions!