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We Worship a Person, Not a Book

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #6 As a follow-up to the development of the New Testament, today we are reminded that the church survived and thrived by the power of the Holy Spirit among its people, even though nobody had their own personal copy of the Bible! Christian life and teaching was truly communal! Tomorrow: the church starts asking deeper and very important questions!

The Development of the New Testament

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #5 In today’s video we talk about the time it took for the New Testament to be compiled. Christians thrived without their own personal Bibles for a long time! On Monday: we are reminded that we worship a person, not a book!

The Apostles & the Early Church

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #4 In today’s video, we look at the spread of the church, the earliest and lates New Testament books, and the persecution of the church (they thought Christians were atheists and cannibals!) Tomorrow: the development of the New Testament. People didn’t have their own Bibles for a long time!

Israel, Judaism, & Jesus

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #3 In today’s video we briefly look at Jesus’ connection to Israel and Judaism and a little bit about when he lived and what he was like.  I don’t cover Jesus’ life, teachings, death, resurrection, etc. as told in the Gospels, as most of you watching this video will know that part of the story already. Tomorrow: The Apostles & the Early Church, in which we learn that people thought the first Christians were atheists…

Why Learn Church History?

Church History in 3-Minute Bites #2 In today’s video, we look at some reasons for learning more about Christian history: where we come from, how we got to now, and what our family looks like.  Tomorrow: Israel, Judaism, & Jesus… our beginnings.

Church History Intro & Book Recommendation

Church History in 3-Minute Bites (#1) Today starts a series on church history—a broad overview given in 3-minute segments, which will be released on weekdays for a couple of weeks. Understanding where we come from as Christians is important to understanding how God works as well as understanding ourselves and how we relate to other Christians we encounter. This first video is an introduction to the series, with a book recommendation if you’re interested in getting a fuller, more detailed…

Faith that Sticks (resources)

In this video Pastor Marc reads a few short excerpts from a couple of books relating to raising children, teenagers, and young adults in the faith. You may want to consider reading them. If you’re interested in reading them with someone (one shot after reading or small group that works through it) contact Pastor Marc. The books are linked after the video.  Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids by Dr. Kara E. Powell and Dr. Chap…

Watch For the Light

Using a book and a song, Pastor Marc reflects on how we might start watching for light in the world, rather than focussing on the darkness we see easily and often.

Children’s Lesson – May 3, 2020

Hi everyone! This week Dixie is bringing us the children’s lesson, playing some percussion and talking about love. The musical instrument craft can be found here:   VeggieTales Sunday school songs:   Kids playlist:

Take the Time While You Can

Here’s a little reminder to take the time to reflect on our habits, our values, and our choices during this slowed-down season—to take time to listen to God, to try new things to stoke our spiritual fires. I also list some resources you may find helpful. Discipleship resources on our website can be found… here. Below are listed the books mentioned in this video. All of these should be available wherever books are purchased and in ebook format. Some classics…

Children and Anxiety

Here’s a short video showing you the additional resources on the website I mentioned in my children’s video last Sunday ( You can find 15 different colouring pages for various different essential workers in this season which you or your children can colour and send to someone they know to express their gratitude or as you colour you could pray for people in that grouping that come to mind. Additionally, that website provides free access to a children’s book about…