Weekly News (Page 3)

Weekly News (Page 3)

Weekly News from the Friday Email

Fall Congregation Meeting

Everyone is welcome to attend our Fall Congregation meeting on Thursday, October 28th at 7:00pm.  We’ll be sharing Board reports and updates with you.  Hope you can join us!


Hello friends, You’ve still got me to contend with as Delora is away this week.  🙂 You know, for being an August it sure has been busy around these parts. But it’s a good busy as people are transitioning in different ways in life and that will often mean that they are open to reflect a bit on how things have been and how they could be. As pastor I may be invited into the holy ground of their lives, if even just…


Hello friends, As you may be able to tell already, Delora isn’t doing this as she is on a bit of a break. So I am filling in for her here at Malmo headquarters. 🙂  I’ve just recorded the Daily Prayer video and today will be some worship planning, some work on the sermon, getting the slides ready for Sunday, and my hope is to get to town to check up on some of our homebound people. We’ll see how…

Postponing Congregational Meeting

Dear Friends, The Malmo Church Board has decided to reschedule the Congregational meeting from Thursday, August 12, 2021 to now be scheduled for Tuesday August 24th 2021. The original meeting date was posted in the Church Calendar on the website for a month.  However, upon further discussion, we realize that many would have only been informed of the meeting by the email of Friday, August 6 or at the church service on Sunday.  More thorough notification should have been sent…