Sunday School & Bible Memory

Sunday School & Bible Memory

Sunday School:

Sunday School runs each Sunday (9:45 to 10:45am) from September to the beginning of June.  We offer classes for all ages, from pre-school to Adults.

Bible Memory Program:

One of our values here at Malmo is that we believe in the scriptures and that “the Bible is the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine & conduct.   God through His word, directs us, inspires us, teaches us.”  One of the ways to really begin to know & understand God, is by reading and memorizing His word.  We encourage our kids, through the Sunday School program, to memorize bible verses.  The ones that are chosen below, are a great cross-section of verses that talk about God’s love & how to be a disciple of Jesus.  So not only will these verses help you throughout your life, as different challenges arise, but it also gives you the opportunity to go to Covenant Bay Bible Camp for free.

To go to camp free, you need to recite the verses by memory, according to your age group.  (Remember that you need to do the current grade PLUS all the previous grades as well.)

For those who would like to have a free camp t-shirt, you need to learn ONE GRADE more than your current age.  (ie.  if you’re in grade 5, & you say the verses to the end of grade 6, you will receive a free camp t-shirt.)

To view the complete listing of verses, click here:  Memory Verse Program