Enrich Your Marriage Without Leaving Your Couch!

Enrich Your Marriage Without Leaving Your Couch!

Hello Malmo friends. There’s an opportunity coming up late in November in which you can deepen and enrich your marriage from within the comfort of your own home (within reach of your own fridge and coffee maker!)

On November 21, Family Life Canada is offering an online marriage conference. It includes five 1-hour video sessions hosted by Neil and Sharol Josephson, which will give you “tools, exercises and guided conversations to help you and your partner grow a healthier, more joy-filled and more resilient marriage.”

Dixie and I took part in one of Family Life Canada’s weekend conferences a couple of year ago and it was very helpful in helping us understand each other more and communicate with each other better. We highly recommend it!

Find more information here: https://www.familylifecanada.com/event/tfg-2020/

You may want to let friends or family know about this opportunity and maybe participate together!

If you register in advance, it sounds like you get on-demand access to the sessions so that you can watch them over the course of the weekend as your schedule allows. 

Here’s a short video invitation from Neil and Sharol:


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