Maundy Thursday Service

Maundy Thursday Service

Tonight we normally would gather in the church sanctuary to worship together. However we want to encourage you to engage in the solemn evening before his death, remembering what it was like for Jesus Christ. 

This service sets the stage for us and our understanding of what Christ’s sacrifice was all about. The personal anguish he went through. Of seeing his support team sleeping instead of supporting him. And not hearing the answer he was asking for from his Heavenly Father.

We invite you to either read the account from the scriptures and spend some time in prayer, or watch the video as Pastor Randall and Pastor Marc bring us to that evening themselves.

The passage of scripture is: Matthew 26:17-56

Watch the service below (it includes a mix of readings, reflections and prayers by Pastor Randall and Pastor Marc and a couple of song videos). 






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