New Friends from Sweden

New Friends from Sweden

In August 2014, we were contacted by a man named Stig from Sweden, who was researching his family history.  (He found us through our website!)  He was looking for the burial place of a number of his ancestors who possibly could have lived in the Malmo community, in the early 1900’s.  After looking through our church records and going through our cemetery, we indeed did find a number of his relatives that were former members at Malmo, and buried in our church – including his Grandfather.IMG_5532

Well this past Tuesday, Stig and his wife, Anne-Marie made the long flight from Sweden to Canada, to come for a visit.  They wanted to see the area where his grandfather had lived and to possibly get a glimpse of what life might have been like for him, here in Canada. 

We showed them the cemetery and spent a few moments with them there, as they visited the burial place of his grandfather, and other relatives as well.  It was a sacred moment as he brought flowers to lay on his grandfather’s grave for the first time.

Lauralea made a beautiful lunch and we shared life together in Randall & Lauralea’s home over a meal.  We heard more about Stig’s history and about his family that immigrated to Canada back in 1893.  He asked us questions about life in Canada and about our church, and we spoke of the differences between the Swedish State Church and our church, here in the field. IMG_5533IMG_9877

Stig has spent hours researching his family history and his given us a copy of a book that he has made, complete with his family tree, stories and pictures.  One can easily see the amazing amount of detail and love that he has put into this research.  (We have the copy in the church office, if you would like to see it.)

I’ve seen God at work in many different ways, but it still always amazes me when I see it up close.  Two years ago, I never would have imagined that our simple interaction through the internet would mean helping a man in Sweden find his roots – and then meeting him and his lovely wife in person!  I don’t believe in coincidence.  I believe in God-ordained meetings – and this was one of them. 


Stig & Anne-Marie
Stig & Anne-Marie


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