One Church, Many Parts

One Church, Many Parts

I sit here trying to warm my hands on a cup of hot tea as the snow slowly falls outside the office window. And I wait for the final bit of bulletin information to come in via email. Somewhere, just a Pacific Ocean away, the real church admin assistant is undoubtedly enjoying a tall, cold drink as she walks barefoot on the sandy beaches of Maui, the wind gently blowing through her hair, the warmth making her cheeks just a bit more sun-kissed each day.

You see, this is Dixie typing these words. I have been filling in for Delora for the past two weeks as she and her family are on a much-deserved holiday in one of the most beautiful places in the world — the dry side of Maui!

And what I’ve been realizing, as I attempt to do a portion of what Delora does here each week, is that there is a lot involved in maintaining church life. You see this when you stop to think about all that goes into making those few hours happen each Sunday morning, and especially when you have the opportunity to be involved of some of these areas.

There’s the order of service to prepare. The kids’ bulletin and clipboard to stock with a snack and sharpened coloured pencils. There is music to distribute to musicians and scriptures to be chosen and Sunday school lessons to be studied and power points to prepare and drafts of sermons to reshape. The church gets cleaned once a week. And there are the brave souls who set (and empty) the mouse traps. The display at the altar to focus our eye is carefully arranged. Bulletins are printed, perforated (did you know Delora hand-perforates the tear-away prayer section of each bulletin!), and waiting at the back for our ushers to give out as they greet people at the door. Food is gathered and prepared for all of us to share after the service each week and the dishes of 100+ people to be washed and put away when the visiting is done. And, most importantly, the prayer through it all that what we do will be pleasing to God and further His kingdom.

I’m sure there is so much more that I’m missing about what goes into our Sunday mornings, let alone all that is involved in the work and ministry of the church in the other days of the week.

So, today I’m thankful for all of those who are a part of the work God is doing at Malmo, in all the many forms that can take. From the most obvious to those things that go unseen, you are all a part of God’s good work in this Field of ours, and I am grateful.

— Dixie (standing in for Delora for just a few more days)



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