Praying for the sick

Praying for the sick

Last Sunday we talked about faith and how it gets tough to keep praying especially when we have had a few “No” answers from God.

Well, some of you have started to ask some good deeper questions, the sorts of things we’ve talked about before, but maybe it’s time to revisit some of those themes. So the next two Sundays we will explore a bit about prayer and God and healing and the role of the church in that stuff. This first Sunday will be more of an overview on the topic, but next Sunday I want to focus in on what is happening when we pray and we are not seeing the answers we are praying for. There seem to be about six biblical reasons that could explain why we are not healed.

So come and join us the next two Sundays and I trust you can find some answers for your questions, and guidelines on how to pray for those struggling with health problems.



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