Preparing for Holy Communion

Preparing for Holy Communion

Pastor Randall wrote some thoughts and a prayer about preparing our hearts before we come to God’s table.  Take some time to reflect on these words throughout the week, in preparation for Holy Communion.



Invitation to Prepare for Holy Communion

In silence, reflect upon your lives, things done that should not have been done, and things that should have been done. Tell God you’re sorry, repent, ask Him to forgive you, and He will.

Righteous God:  In this season about forgiveness, we confess our reluctance to confess our sins — to you or to one another.  You know all about us, without our telling you; yet we are still reluctant to reveal ourselves to you or to each other.
Remind us, most patient God, that there is no real relationship without trust and honesty, no healing forgiveness without confession.  Give us the courage to know we need forgiveness and a fresh start.
God, you know the tumult of our lives, layer on layer of needs, list after list of demands; broken health, broken relationships; lost jobs, lost dreams; constant stress, shattered peace; depressions, fears and angers.  Enough, O God.



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