Reading Revelation (& Bible Resource Recommendation)

Reading Revelation (& Bible Resource Recommendation)

The Bible Project recently released a new video all about “apocalyptic literature,” which is a genre of ancient literature found throughout the Bible. Books like Daniel, parts of the Gospels, and Revelation (which in Greek is actually Apocalupsis Yohannou, which simply means “Revelation of John”are called apocalyptic literature. Like any genre, apocalyptic has certain consistent features and knowing them help us understand that type of writing.

Of course, apocalyptic literature—especially Revelation—is getting more attention these days. This video is a short, engaging (it’s animated!), and helpful overview of how apocalyptic works.

The Bible Project is a wonderful, accessible-yet-scholarly, free online Bible study resource (it’s available on YouTube and on its own website). All of their resources (except their podcast) are animated and accessible to most age groups. They have overviews of all the books of the Bible, word studies, thematic studies, and series on various topics (e.g. How to Read the Bible, which this video is part of).

If their podcast is at all like their videos, it would also be well worth checking out as well.


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