Sunday School Update

Sunday School Update

Our Christian Education Board has an update for you:

As the summer progresses into fall, we are all grappling with the pandemic related transitions that lie ahead.  

Here is an update on Sunday School plans for the fall.  The CE has chosen to leave Sunday School “on hold” for the time being.  This allows for Malmo to adjust to holding services inside the building once again and also for the transition of “back to school” to settle in.  

We will review this in October and see what the possibilities are.  We will provide another update at that time.  

If you have any questions or comments, please call any member of the CE Board:  Pattie Peterson (Chair), Sarah Kinsey, Steve Reid, Marcia Schultz, or Marc Vandersluys. In the meantime, we hope and pray our Malmo families enjoy a smooth transition back to school, whatever that looks like for  your household.  

May God grant you wisdom, clarity, and a calm spirit as you make these decisions.


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