Weekend News

Weekend News


Hi there Folks!  Lots going on these days!  Here’s just a bit of life at Malmo…

First – as you’ve heard, we are working on updating the church directory. It’s been a couple of years since this was done, so we felt that it was time to review it again. In looking through our current directory, I’ve noticed how quickly some data can change – especially with email addresses and cell phone numbers. So we are asking again for your information, to make sure we compile an accurate directory. If you’d like to print the form & fill it out by hand, use this form:  Church Info Form.  For your convenience, we also have a ‘fillable pdf’ available for you here: Church Info Form FILLABLE.  The choice is yours what you’d prefer to use.  Only one form per family is needed. Thank you for your patience and help in filling out this form & getting it back to me. It truly does help me ALOT!

Secondly – we’ve been modifying our website to (hopefully) help you to find some things easier. We tried to identify some information that you might like to access on a more frequent basis. In the center of the Main Page, we have added: “Malmo Quick Links”. All the ‘words’ listed are linked to the pages with the corresponding information. We hope that you find this helpful. Give us some feedback, as we’d love to hear what you think.

And Lastly – Our weekend news! This Sunday is Father’s Day AND it is also our ‘Canada Conference Giving Sunday’. We’ll be hearing news about what’s happening with Church Planting in the conference. We are also giving you an opportunity to financially support all the work that our Conference does across Canada. (If you’re able to help in this way, please make your cheques payable to ECCC.) Our Worship service also includes music – lead by Dixie & the band, prayers & children’s story – lead by Pastor Marc, and a message from God’s word, shared by Pastor Randall. OH! And don’t forget to stay for our fellowship time as we’ll be having treats downstairs for Dad!

Worship service begins at 11:00 am! (No Sunday School for the summer).

Thanks for reading folks! I’ll see you on Sunday!


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