Weekly News-Dec. 11th

Weekly News-Dec. 11th

What do I even say in today’s email?  My mind has been full with so many thoughts and details this week…the new restrictions brought in by the Alberta government on Tuesday, the subsequent limits on gathering as a church, and not social gathering as family and friends for Christmas.  All of this happening at the same time as I’m watching Pastor Marc have his last week of work here at Malmo.  For me, that’s 7+ years of working with Marc in the Church office – filled with many memories of deep conversations, laughter, convincing Marc that it was ‘his job’ to clean up the mice and snakes 😉, challenges & misunderstandings to work through, office meetings at Starbucks, pizza lunches and so much more…

So yes, what do I say today when my heart is full of so many emotions and thoughts?  Grateful is the word that comes to mind.  I am grateful for my husband as we walk through these challenging days together.  I am grateful for my Church, and especially for Randall, Marc and Jay as they’ve given leadership to us as we continue to strive to love each other well through this time of Covid.  And I am grateful for the years that I’ve been able to work with Marc – in the office, in youth (in the early days) and in worship.  I am thankful for his kindness and peaceful ways, and how by living that way, he encourages me to do the same.  Marc is a godly man that strives to live the ‘Jesus way’, and I am grateful for the time that he has shared life with me – and with all of us here at Malmo.  

Even though the days continue to be challenging, I am reminded again how there is always something that I can be grateful for.  And I hope there are things that you can find to be grateful for today too.  

As you have heard by now, circumstances have changed again with how we are able to meet:
For THIS SUNDAY, we will be meeting for ONE service at 10:30am. This will be our Third week of Advent service and a Farewell service for Pastor Marc and his family.  

As Pastor Randall shared in his email:
 “Since we are allowed 30 people to meet for worship, we are asking that those of you who are friends of Marc and Dixie and family, or you’ve worked with them or been involved in their ministry here, to register before hand by Saturday at 6pm to attend the Sunday service at 10:30 am.  We can only take 30 of you so patience please. We are asking the rest of you to join us online as we plan to livestream the service. Pastor Marc will be preaching on the Advent theme of Joy and after that we will transition a bit into a farewell.”

Please send your RSVP to office@malmochurch.ca by Saturday evening at 6:00pm.  **Please also note that sitting with your household and wearing a mask are now mandatory for all in-person services. 

If you are joining us for the Livestream Worship & Farewell service, we encourage you to text in your well wishes to Pastor Marc & his family.  These greetings and comments will be shared during the service.  Please send your texts to 780-360-2002.

Beginning on Sunday December 20th and for the foreseeable future, we will be meeting ONLINE at 10:30am for our Worship Service.  You can access these services at:  www.malmochurch.ca/scattered-but-worshiping-together
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