Weekly News-Dec. 26th

Weekly News-Dec. 26th

It’s hard to believe that this is the last weekly news email of 2020.  In some ways, this year has dragged on eternally long, while in other ways it has flown by and I wonder how it could be the end of the year already.  

So what is the last thing that I want to say to you, as we close out this year of 2020?  Let me share a bit of my journey with you…

Since July 2012, my ongoing prayer to God has been asking Him to show me and increase my understanding of how much He loves me.  Not just the simple kind of love that we sing about in the Sunday School song “Jesus Loves me”, but a deeper understanding of that love that occurs in the depths of my soul and changes how I live.  

As I take some time to reflect on the year gone by, I can see clearly how God continues to answer my long-standing prayer.  He has shown me His love this past year in a myriad of ways – in the trials that I’ve needed to walk through and the things I’ve learned through them, in the blessings that have come even in the middle of a pandemic, in the words of wisdom and encouragement that I’ve received in a number of different ways from His faithful people (that’s YOU!), and so much more…  These are the things that God is using in my life to help me understand deeper just how much He loves me.  As I’m heading into 2021, His love continues to nudge me to find my purpose and identity only in Him.  This is something that continues to challenge me, but I know He is faithful and He will complete the work that He has started in me – and it is wrapped in a big bow of love. 😊

So today, I want to remind YOU how much you are deeply loved by God.  “See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands.” (Isaiah 49:16)  As we open ourselves to more of God’s love, it reshapes our days and changes our lives.  As we head into this next year of 2021, may we all receive a little more understanding of God’s deep love for us.  


A reminder from Andy Pluim, our Financial Secretary:  if you plan on doing some year end giving, all donations need to be received by December 31st.  If you are using a cheque, please contact Andy, so he can be sure to receive it before year end.  

THIS Sunday, December 27th, our Canada Covenant Superintendent, Glenn Peterson will be preaching.  We’ll be sharing his message online, via our ‘Scattered but Worshipping Together’ service.  You can access Sunday’s Online Worship Service HERE. (Choose the December 27th service.)


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