Weekly News-Dec. 3rd

Weekly News-Dec. 3rd

How do you like today’s picture?
If you like dogs, I’m sure it’s making you smile.  If not, I’m guessing that there’s a few eye rolls going on out there!  (Right, Darryl? 😂😉).  Honestly, there’s no real reason for the picture, other than I desperately need something lighthearted today.  Lately, life has been feeling like an ‘uphill’ walk that never seems to end.  

Proverbs 17:22 (in The Message) says:
“A cheerful disposition is good for your health;
    gloom and doom leave you bone-tired.”

So today, it’s time for a few smiles, a hearty laugh and just some lighthearted moments.  May this be my little note to you, to find a smile today.  And when you do, may you give that smile away to the next person you meet, who might desperately be needing one too.


We will be having our Annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on December 24th at 7pm.  Limited seats are available, so reservations are required.  Please email office@malmochurch.ca to reserve your seat.  (We will book seats in the order that the emails are received.) The service will also be live-streamed, if you prefer that option.

Join us this Sunday at 9:30am for Sunday School and 10:30am for our Worship Service.  And a reminder that we continue to do our part and observe the Provincial Covid guidelines of 1/3 capacity in our building.  Seats will be available on a first come, first seated basis.  If you are unable to join us in person, feel free to check out our Livestream option, available HERE. 

Take care,


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