Weekly News… June 21

Weekly News… June 21

I hope you’re enjoying this “longest day of the year”!  I think the long summer days are one of the best reasons to live as far North as we do!  🙂

We’ve got lots going on this Sunday!  First, it’s our ‘Canada Conference Giving Sunday’.  Dixie was our delegate to the Conference AGM, back in May.  She’ll be sharing an update with us from those meetings.  We’ll also be giving you an opportunity to financially support the Conference.  If this is something that you’d like to do, please make your cheques payable to ‘ECCC’ and we’ll forward those onto the Conference for you. 

This Sunday is also our Grad Sunday – a time to recognize our High School graduates.  This year we have Dave Kemerink, Frank Kemerink and Lois Schultz graduating.  We’ll be acknowledging them in the worship service and then during the coffee fellowship time, their parents will be sharing a bit more about their youth.  So be sure to stay after the service and join us downstairs for this celebration.

I hope you enjoy your weekend – and remember that our worship service begins at 11am on Sunday.

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