Weekly News-Mar. 27

Weekly News-Mar. 27

We are now into week two of Covid-19 social distancing – events and activities are still cancelled and we are slowly realizing that this actually may continue for the foreseeable future.  I’m sitting here praying for the words to come that I can encourage you with, but at the same time I’m keenly aware of my own stress and struggle during this time.  And it’s hard.  It’s hard for me.  It’s hard for our Pastors.  And it’s hard for you too.  And maybe that’s what this is all about and what I need to remember these days.  We’re all isolated, but we’re not alone.  We’re all going through this together, even though the details of our days will look different.  We’re all grappling with the same questions and confusions but yet we all desire to be a beacon for God’s light to shine through us, as we walk through these uncertain days.  So that is my encouragement for you today.  Keep on.  Keep on trying to connect with others, even if it has to be through video chats.  Keep apologizing, if you’ve said unkind words because you’re tired and stressed.  (Like I’ve had to this week.). Keep spending time with Jesus – in His word, listening to uplifting worship music, being in nature…just keep on.  Jesus is with us.  He has promised that He will NEVER leave us.  In all that we’re going through, He is holding our hand – so don’t let go of His…  

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly.
    He delights in every detail of their lives.
Though they stumble, they will never fall,
    for the Lord holds them by the hand.”
~Psalm 37:23-24

Even though we’re social distancing, there’s still lots going on as we continue with Life here at Malmo:
  1. How did you enjoy last Sunday’s “Scattered but Worshipping Together”?  Thanks for those of you who shared your comments with us – via Facebook, on our website, on Instagram, replies to this email and texts to the Pastors.  It’s MUCH appreciated, as our desire is to continue to stay connected with you, as much as we are able.  Pastor Randall’s been working hard at putting together this Sunday’s “Scattered but Worshipping Together” devotional.  We’ll be sending it out to you tomorrow via email.  These devotionals are always available on our website at: www.malmochurch.ca/scattered-but-worshiping-together/.  Please remember to scroll down on the page to see ALL the information. 
  2. This past Wednesday, Pastor Randall sent out another video update.  If you missed seeing it, CLICK HERE to access it on our website.
  3. Last Sunday was our scheduled “Covenant Bay Bible Camp Giving Sunday”.  We’ve been connecting with the director of the Camp, Jon Drebert.  He’s been sharing with us about the urgent needs that Covenant Bay is facing.  Go to the Camp’s website to hear about those struggles and needs.  (If you’re able to financially help, you can make an online donation to the Camp on their website.)
  4. Our Memory Verse Program is continuing!  CLICK HERE to see the latest update via video!!
  5. Do you have any prayer requests?  Or any praises that you want to share & give God the glory for?  Please let us know what they are and I’ll include them in next Friday’s prayer list.  (We’ll continue to leave the Malmo Prayer Chain email for serious and immediate prayer requests.) This week’s “Our Community Needs Prayer’ list is at the bottom of this email.
  6.  This week’s Lenten Practice is “Listen to Others”. If you’ve been enjoying these lenten exercises, let Pastor Marc or Dixie know.  I know they’d love to hear from you.
  7. PICTURES!!  We LOVE pictures!!  Thanks to those of you who sent us your pics from last Sunday.  We LOVE seeing your faces!  We’re now asking for any pics that you’re taking of you and your family during this season of Covid-19: activities that you’re doing, spaces where you’re gathering, times spent during ‘Scattered but Worshipping Together’ – or any pictures that will help us feel connected with each other.  You can email them to office@malmochurch.ca OR text them directly to me at: 780-312-4620.  I’ll include them in our Photo Gallery so we can see your beautiful faces and be reminded that we’re not alone in all of this.  CLICK HERE to see our Gallery of Photos.
  8. Are you looking for this next quarter’s Home Altar?  They have arrived and are sitting in a box on the desk in my office.  If you can, stop by the church to pick up your copy.  If you’re unable to do this, please let us know and we’ll try to make other arrangements.  
  9. The office would like to encourage you to continue to support Malmo with your financial tithes and offerings.  Online Giving is available on our website at: www.malmochurch.ca/generosity/online-giving/  Or if you’d prefer to send a check through the mail, please send it to: RR #2, Wetaskiwin AB, T9A 1W9. 

Continue to check our website, malmochurch.ca regularly.  We have a special “Covid-19 Response” page as well as a “Malmo Life during Covid-19” page. 

Take care everyone.  Hugs.


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