Weekly News-May 15

Weekly News-May 15

“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven….
    A time to plant…”
~from Ecclesiastes 3

Today was the morning that we had planned to plant our vegetable garden.  Only an hour before we began, large snow flakes began falling gently to the ground.  Annoyance is not a strong enough word to describe how I felt at seeing those snowflakes.  It’s May the 15th – the MIDDLE of May.  Does the snow not know that this is the wrong season to be falling from the sky?!  Despite seeing the snow – and even though I didn’t much feel like planting in the cold – we carried on with the original plan and planted the garden.  As I was trying to stay warm in the cold wind, I thought about seasons and about the passage that Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes on how everything has a season.  And how sometimes it is the right season to do something even if it doesn’t FEEL like the right season to do it.  How many times do I allow my feelings or fears to stop me from doing something that is actually good and/or profitable to do in the season that I’m in?  And when I do that, I actually end up missing out on something that God has waiting for me or my choices end up negatively affecting the outcome?  (ie.  Farmers know that if we don’t plant the seeds in Spring in a timely manner, our harvest will be poor and lacking in the Fall.). I believe that God gives us these seasons, these rhythms of life – both seasons in Nature and personal seasons – for each of us to live and trust His timing and plans for us.  Even if it doesn’t FEEL right.  Is there a season that you’re currently in, where you’re hesitating or questioning the season that God has you in?  Trust Him.  Trust His plan.  Even when it snows in May, trust His ways.  He WILL indeed make everything – including us – beautiful in its right time.

“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time.” ~Eccl. 3:11a

Thank you to everyone who completed the Ministry Survey last weekend.  We appreciate your time and the feedback that you gave us.  Thank you for helping us to shape the ongoing ministry here at Malmo.

One of the items that came out of the survey was that many of you would love to see more video streaming as part of our Sunday Morning Worship service.  So Pastor Randall is recording a short sermon for us, and it will be part of our Sunday “Scattered but Worshipping Together” Service.  Pastor Marc will also be doing another Children’s Storytime video.  (And can I encourage you to watch it?  As it’s suitable AND enjoyable for ALL ages!).  Pastor Randall will be sending you an email tomorrow with all the service details, or you can always access the service directly via our website at: www.malmochurch.ca/scattered-but-worshiping-together/ .

Do you have any new pictures for us?  We’d love to see your faces and pics of what you’re doing.  I’ve uploaded a couple of new pictures from Thursday night’s Baby shower for sweet Emma Anderson.  Head over to the Malmo Photo Gallery on our website to see them.  And remember that you can send me photos at ANYTIME via email at: office@malmochurch.ca or text them directly to me at 780-312-4620.  I’d love to include them in our Gallery for all us      ‘Malmo-ites’ to see.  🙂

Thank you for continuing to support the work and ministry here at Malmo.  Online Giving continues to be available.  We also accept donations via cheque, so if that is your preferred method, you can continue sending it through the mail, to: Malmo Mission Covenant Church, RR #2, Wetaskiwin AB, T9A 1W9.

Take care Folks,


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