Weekly News-Nov. 26th

Weekly News-Nov. 26th

“A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart.  What you say flows from what is in your heart.
~Luke 6:45

I read this verse a few days ago, and that last part of the verse has just reverberated around in my brain all week “…what you say flows from what is in your heart.”

Wow!  The words I speak aren’t JUST words.  They are actually a reflection of what is in my heart.  So it’s time to pause and consider – what ARE the words that I am speaking?  Are they uplifting, encouraging and loving?  Or are they critical, mean-spirited and judgemental?  Whatever they are, it IS a sign – either an encouragement or a warning – to show me what really is going on inside of my heart.  

Lord, please give me ears to really hear the words that I am saying.  And would you continue to do the work in my heart that only You can do, so that the words that I speak will honour and glorify You every day.


This Saturday at 6:30pm, all are welcome to join us for our Advent Celebration.  Bring your family and come for an evening of Christmas crafts and carols.  A great way to start the Advent season!

Then on Sunday, join us at 9:30am for Sunday School and 10:30am for our Worship Service.  Pastor Randall & Lauralea are BACK!  Whoohooo!!!  (I’m sure you’re as happy to have them home as I am. 😃 )

And a reminder that we continue to do our part and observe the Provincial Covid guidelines of 1/3 capacity in our building.  Seats will be available on a first come, first seated basis.  If you are unable to join us in person, feel free to check out our Livestream option, available HERE. 

Take care,


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