Youth Making a Difference

Youth Making a Difference

A number of our youth got together last Saturday at the Manluk Aquatic Centre.  They had some time together to swim and enjoy pizza – but the main focus of the afternoon was to work on a service project called ‘Sole Hope’.  This is a non-profit organization that helps kids & adults in Uganda to acquire proper footwear.  In Uganda, those who don’t have shoes are susceptible to ‘Jiggers’ – which are parasitic insects that burrow into feet and cause all sorts of health problems, and possibly even death.

About 20 youth & 6 adults, traced and cut shoe patterns out of denim that they either brought with them, or that was donated to this project by our community.  Over 30 shoe kits were assembled and are ready to ship to ‘Sole Hope’!

Thanks to Jeramie-Lee for organizing this event!  It was a huge success – not only in the ‘fun factor’, but in bringing awareness of issues that others face to our youth and showing them that they can make a difference – even here in small-town Wetaskiwin!

Check out these great pics of the day!  Photo credits:  Jeramie-Lee N. & Marc V.

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