Youth Worship & Celebration Night

Youth Worship & Celebration Night

Last night was our first ‘Worship & Celebration Night’ at youth this year.  Worshipping God is part of learning how to be a disciple of Jesus – and that’s what our main focus is at youth this year.  Sometimes we think of worship as only praising God with music.  That’s part of it – but there’s truly an unlimited number of ways that we can worship our God.  We explored a few of them last night, as we gave the youth options of different ways to worship.  Some chose to sing, some painted posters, some wrote letters or poems, still others sat & listened to the music and the words of the songs.  These are just a few different ways that we can worship & express our adoration to God.  Lawrence (New Sweden Mission Church pastor), also shared his story about how & when Jesus became real to him.  This is a reality for all of us – as we all have to come to the place of deciding who Jesus is to us.

We’re looking forward to our next ‘Worship & Celebration Night’, which will be on December 3rd from 7:30 to 8:30pm, here at Malmo.  Parents, if you’d like to come and join us, we would love to share this evening with you!

Here’s a few of the pictures from last night:
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